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Posted On: 31/08/19 18:54
Ozone V/S Chlorine


Ozone V/S Chlorine


-Actively kills Bacteria and Viruses. 3,125 times faster than Chlorine

-Toxic only above 100 ppb in air (8 hours breathing continuously)

-Produce H2O, O2, and Co2 as by products. So it is environmentally friendly 

-Excellent Deodourizer from any substance (Hydrogen Sulphide, Smoke, Cooking, Paint etc.)

-Effective against Mustiness, Mildew, Fungus

-Generated on the premises (not stored).

-Long term overall cost of using ozone instead of chlorine will be lower.

(Typical pay back time 18 months).

-Used in therapeutic pools and baths for the treatment of skin infection and burns.

-Does not require pH control. Does not affect pH.


-Does not attack some Viruses. Takes more time to kill bacteria.

-Highly toxic and is a poisonous gas.

-Creates dangerous Carcinogenic by products, which pollute the water.

-It is not an Odourizing agent.

-Does not have such effect.

-Stored in high pressure containers on the Premises and can be dangerous. 

-Cost is increasing and has become quite prohibitive.

-No such benefits are availed when chlorine is used.

-Needs pH control (7.0-7.4 pH).

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