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Posted On: 02/09/19 08:01
Aquanautics means “Guiding star for the water industry”.


AQUANAUTICS SYSTEM PVT LTD - “Creating Value for every drop”

Aquanautics means “Guiding star for the water industry”. Aquanautics is an Indian company that brings a complete range of Products relating to water handling & water treatment to meet the highest global standard for quality & performance. The company is managed by a group of leading committed professionals with sales & marketing offices at Bangalore, Maharashtra, Hyderabad, Kerala and Goa with a centralized warehouse at Bangalore.

Business Establishment: - The Directors of the Company recognised market potential and realised that  the swimming pool segment is very huge vis a vis the service, pricing, quality products and after sales support.  After a careful study of the market , considering the market potential for this segment this Company “Aquanautics System Pvt Ltd ”  was formed. Today the Company is recoganised for its quality in products and service due to which the Company is progressing year after year.


Our Aim

We aim to become competitive in providing quality products at economical pricing & service considering growing potential in this segment. We wish to be recoganised as one of the most potential company with a majority market share. For achieving our goal  it is mandatory for our Company to import the products to match the pricing and quality.



The Directors take pride to announce  successful over a decade of business thereby surviving the stiff competition with very limited capital resources. The Company has completed several projects ranging water volume from 15m^3 to 450m^3 and covering the customers from individual pools, resorts etc. The Company is successful in catering to more than 200 customers ranging from OEM’s, resorts, schools, military and end users.The Company is successful in sourcing some good reliable overseas swimming pool equipment manufacturing companies.


With the vast experience and direct imports, the Company is confident of emerging as one of the strongest players in its segment thereby increasing its top and bottom line.

Ph: 080 22296412
Mobile No: +91 9980471624 / 9987099741

Email Id: info@aquanautics.co.in



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